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Gluten Free Shortcuts Order Form
Cookie Dough                  price               quantity          total$
Chocolate Chip (1 dozen)                      $7                                          
Snickerdoodle (1 dozen)                       $7
Gingersnaps (1 dozen)                          $7
Mixes                              price               quantity          total$
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread             $5
(makes 6 5x3in. loaves)
German Pancakes (makes 2 9x13)         $4     
Edible Bread (makes 1 9x4in. loaf)       $6
Blonde Brownies (makes 1 9x13)           $6
Waffles (makes 28)                            $5
Lemon Poppy seed Bundt Cake              $8
Call to order
Sugar Cookies(circle) – 1 dozen               $8
Chocolate Mint Brownies(6 squares)         $8
Total quantity______
                                                                                        Total price______
Name                                            Phone Number                                               

Email order to: gfshortcuts@gmail.com

1- Fill out the order form and email to : gfshortcuts@gmail.com
2- I will reply to you with pickup information.
3- Please bring check or cash for your purchase. 
4- Please let me know what you think, I value your opinion and advice.
5- Eat and enjoy!