Monday, December 19, 2011

Gluten Free Ice Cream Cake Roll

 This has been one of my favorite desserts since I was a little girl.  Our family eats a lot of these around the holidays, and it is usually the Christmas Eve dessert of choice.  If you have never made a cake roll, they really are easy to make, and I included some pictures to help.  Another plus, is that you can make it a few days before the event, therefore one less thing to do at the last minute!  We love to fill it with peppermint/candy cane/mint ice cream, however, you can do whatever you like.  Plus, you can fill it with a dairy/soy free ice cream as well.  Let your imagination run wild and top it off with some hot fudge.

Ice Cream Cake Roll
Beat until thick:    4 egg yolks
¼ c. sugar
½ tsp. vanilla
In another bowl, beat:     4 egg whites
                                      ½ c. sugar
Fold together and add:    1 tsp. baking powder
                                      ½ tsp. salt
                                      ½ tsp. xanthan gum
                                      ¼ c. each of millet flour, tapioca flour, potato starch
You need to use a jelly roll pan that measures 15"x10".  The big cookie sheets most people use are too big.  Grab your pan, grease it with shortening then put on some wax paper(this keeps the wax paper in place).  Then liberally grease the wax paper and pour batter into prepared pan and bake 375 for 12 min.(see pict. 2).   When done, turn onto a dish cloth sprinkled with powdered sugar(this will keep the cake from sticking to the towel).  Peel off the wax paper and roll(see pict. #3 & 4). When cool, unroll, fill with ice cream, roll back up and freeze(see picture #5).  Wrap it up in a few layers of foil to keep in the freezer until consumption.
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Peppermint Patties - everything free!

 For those of you with lots of allergies, and who never get to enjoy a regular candy bar, this recipe is for you.  These are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, nut free, egg free, and free of lots of other stuff.  I am not a candy maker, but I can make these.  For those of you who know how to make candy, please don't shudder at my methods, just let me know an easier way or any tips you might have!  Here is the recipe and read on for the methods and substitutions.
Peppermint Patties
2 T. + 2 t. water
1 T. agave/honey
1 t. peppermint extract
3 3/4 c. powdered sugar
1 T. shortening
1 bag semi-sweet chocolate chips
Beat together: water, agave, peppermint, and 2 c. powdered sugar in a mixing bowl.  Add shortening and beat well.  Add remaining powdered sugar and mix well.  You should have a dough that won't stick to your fingers, and that you can roll into a ball.  If it is too thick, add a few drops of water; too thin, add a small amount of powdered sugar.
Roll dough into 36 1" balls(or whatever size you want), and place on a cookie sheet with wax paper.  Cover with another sheet of wax paper and use another pan to press down on the balls and flatten them to 1/4-1/2" thick.  I find this the easiest way.  You can also flatten them with a cup or anything else, this just seems to be the fastest and most uniform way.  They should look like picture #1. Throw them in the freezer and now onto the fun part. Time to melt the chocolate.  I dump the bag of chocolate chips in a bowl and place in the microwave.  I do 1 min. intervals and stir after each one until melted. Let cool. When your chocolate is ready, pull your tray of discs out of the freezer and it is time to dip.  I actually have no idea how to really dip chocolates.  Please let me know how you are really supposed to do this!  I wash my hands, grab a disc and drop it in the chocolate, make sure both sides are covered and place it back on the wax paper to harden.  With dripping hands I grab the next disc and repeat until they are all done.  Then I lick my fingers!  If the discs get to soft, throw them back in the freezer for a few minutes.  This makes them a lot easier to work with.   Place chocolate covered patties in the fridge until set.  See picture #2 for the finished product.   I usually store mine in the fridge, but they usually don't last very long!  If you love mint, you can sprinkle crushed candy canes on top of the wet chocolate, but  I am too lazy!  Enjoy your chocolate treat this wonderful holiday season!

Use Spectrum shortening for a soy free, trans-fat free option
Use Enjoy Life chocolate chips for soy and dairy free
     or just Guitard or Ghiridelli semi-sweet chocolate chips for dairy free

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