Thursday, July 29, 2010


I'm so glad you are joining me on this journey. My disclaimer - I am terrible on the computer, and I'm not good with words. I have never done a blog before so I know there are going to be many kinks to work out. Please be patient with me! However, I love to eat good food and to cook. I plan to provide you with healthy gluten free options that will save you time. Why buy mine? There are a lot of new products out there, so what makes mine better? 1- the taste 2-they are healthy. I use whole grains and minimal starch.
Right now I am offering 2 cookie doughs and 6 mixes. I plan to change it up and offer different items in a month or so. Please give me your feedback. If you love an item, let me know and I'll keep it around. If you really dislike something and someone else can make it better, let me know and I'll give you another option. I am just trying to get going and I need your help. Also, please spread the word and let your friends and family know about me.
I also plan to post a new recipe each week. There is so much good food out there that just can't be put into a mix! Check back often to get some new food ideas to add to your menu!
We are 100% gluten free and 90% dairy free. Most my recipes and mixes can be modified to be dairy free if they are not already. Check my tips for easy ways to make food dairy free.